Marquis of Lorne

Greater London South West - Stockwell

A historic pub interior of regional importance

Listed Status: II

49 Dalyell Road

Tel: (020) 7771 9408

Nearby Station: Brixton

Station Distance: 700m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Brixton)

Bus: Yes

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A rather grand late-19th-century corner-site pub which is distinguished by a fine display of external tilework, including the name of the owner and/or licensee, T.T. Castle, in mosaic over the main entrance, and the name of the pub in raised lettering on the fascia. The interior was refitted in the inter-war period and a surprising amount of this scheme remains. The servery runs down the middle of the pub: it has a tapered counter at the foot of which is an attractive buff and red band of small tiles. Minor changes include a modern inlay on the counter top, the main bar-back shelf is of Formica and one fridge has replaced some lower shelves. Towards the back of the servery is a tiny Publican’s Office. Spanning the bar on the Dalyell Road side of the pub there is a full-height screen (although it has lost its door). A number of inter-war fireplaces remain (most are blocked-up). The vestibule entrance appears modern.

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