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Old Bridge Inn

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West Yorkshire - Ripponden

One star - A pub interior of special national historic interest

Listed Status: II

Priest Lane

Tel: (01422) 822595

Email: tim@theoldbridgeinn.co.uk

Website http://theoldbridgeinn.co.uk

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theoldbridgeinnripponden

Real Ale: Yes

Lunchtime Meals: Yes

Evening Meals: Yes

Bus: Yes

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Claiming to be 'probably Yorkshire's oldest hostelry' and quoting a 1307 date, the present building is mainly mid-18th century but with some earlier features as well. The last significant changes were around 1963 when the current family owners took charge.

The split-level lower bar is of cruck frame construction and some of the wall panelling may be 16th-century. The bar counter is from the 1960s refit as probably is the tall stone fireplace (the other is much older). The counter in the high-ceilinged main bar also looks to be 1960s but both its top and the bar-back are more recent. Another old stone fireplace here. In the top bar you'll find wattle and daub walls, some encased in stone, a very old fireplace and more 1960s bar furniture. Note the old stone doorway between top and main bar with monolithic jambs.

Despite its claim to be ‘probably Yorkshire’s oldest hostelry’ quoting a date of 1307, the present building is
mid-18th century with earlier features inside (Historic England). It is named after the old packhorse bridge you
must cross by foot to reach the pub.
In the same family ownership since 1963, it has been little-altered since changes made around that date but also retains a
wealth of very old features. There are three rooms of character – the top bar in the two-storey part of the
building on the left; the main bar in the middle; and the lower bar on the right.
Down two steps and on two levels, the lower bar is of cruck frame construction and has one wall of panelling
possibly from the 16th century. The bar counter (used for food service) was added in the 1960s which may be
the date of the narrow tall stone fireplace; the other stone fireplace is very old.
The high-ceilinged main bar has a bar counter featuring timber uprights and looks to be from the 1960s with a
modern tiled top; Bar back shelves are modern. The stone fireplace is much older but the flagstone floor is
from recent times.
The top bar has a plank and muntin; and wattle and daub walls, some later encased in stone. The room has a
plank and beam ceiling, a very old stone fireplace, and a small timber bar counter and most of the shelves for
a bar back are likely to have been added in the early 1960s.
Between the top and main bar is a very old stone doorway with monolithic jambs.

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