Blakesley Arms

Greater London East - Manor Park

A historic pub interior of some regional importance

Listed Status: Not listed

53 Station Road
Manor Park
E12 5BP

Tel: (020) 8553 4321

Bus: Yes

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Three-storey pub with three prominent gables, and tiled frontage unfortunately painted grey. The pub has two main inter-connected rooms separated by a servery, with the former public bar at the front and the saloon to the rear. The public bar has fielded panelling, unfortunately painted an off-white colour, a plain counter probably from an inter-war refit.

The saloon bar has a richly patterned coffered ceiling, fielded panelling throughout, thankfully unpainted. The counter also probably dates from an inter-war refit, although the bar back with its illuminated top section appears to be 1960s work.

This impressive three-storey pub was newly built by Saville Brothers brewery of Stratford in the 1890s (the first licensee is recorded as 1894). It has three prominent gables and the ground floor is tiled, but sadly these have been painted a hideous shade of grey. Saville Brothers were taken over by Charringtons in 1925.

The pub has two main rooms, which are now connected. The former public bar is at the front and the saloon is to the rear. Between them is the servery.

When you enter the public bar, it’s apparent that the pub has seen better days. Fielded panelling has been painted in the ubiquitous off white we know too well. The counter is plain and probably dates from an interwar refit. The bar back looks a 60s job with its illuminated top section.

The saloon presents a more appealing prospect. The eye is drawn to the richly patterned coffered ceiling, a delightful feature. There is fielded panelling throughout, thankfully unpainted. Two baffles are still extant shielding the entrances to the gents’ and ladies’ loos. The counter, probably dating from an interwar refit, is an impressive affair which incorporates prominent pillasters. To the left of the servery is a dumb waiter. Here the bar back is also 60s work and incorporates illuminated Charringtons signage. The use of this saloon bar doesn’t seem to be encouraged, and the exterior door is locked. Windows are largely modern replacements, although traces of Charringtons characteristic fenestration remain.

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