Brown Jug

Kent - Broadstairs

A historic pub interior of regional importance

This pub is currently closed (since 12/01/2019)

Listed Status: II

204 Ramsgate Road
Broadstairs, Dumpton
CT10 2EW

Tel: None

Real ale & Cider: Real Ale

Nearby Station: Dumpton Park

Station Distance: 450m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Dumpton Park) and Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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This is an appealing, fling-faced local with two little-altered rooms at the front – the tiny left-hand bar has plain bar fittings with a 1970s brick fireplace that replaced a kitchen range. On the right is a small room with a 1920s tiled and wood-surround fireplace. The rear bar was extended towards the back in 1948 and has a plain bar counter and a 1930s brick fireplace. The gents’ and ladies’ are outside.

Flint walled local with small flight of steps to the front door. At the front are two little altered rooms – the tiny left bar has a panelled counter at least 70 years old, old bar back shelves, some old dado panelling, a heavily carved bench and a brick fireplace that replaced a kitchen range in the 1970s; on the right is a small room with a 1920s tiled and wood surround fireplace with a copper hood, some old bar back shelves and wall cupboards but full of junk so not in general use. It is served from a split door with ledge which is usually kept open as from here you can reach the rear room by walking through part of the servery area but we recommend you ask for permission first.

The rear bar was extended back in 1948 and has a panelled bar counter at least 70 years old, possibly a 1930s bar back fitting also a 1930s style brick fireplace. On the counter is a water clock which a 1965 paper cutting confirms is not the original which announced the hour by striking out the first four bars of 'Little Brown Jug' on eight glasses sitting on the base by electrically activated hammers. In the past water would pour out of the tap into the copper jug. but now operates at about 9am and 9pm and only plays 'on the hour' rarely. The revised version no longer pours water and little Smurfs play the tune by hammers onto xylophone-looking metal panels over pipes, each labelled with a letter for the note. It features a Cobbs of Margate cask front and was converted to work electronically and red lights indicate the time. A corner cabinet has been added to store Boules - the pub has a Boules Pitch taking up most of the garden. A further curved one from the 18th century was added later to store more balls! Outside gents and ladies.

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