Greater Manchester - Stockport

A historic pub interior of regional importance

Listed Status: Not listed

31 Shaw Heath, Edgeley

Tel: 07931 621220



Real Ale: Yes

Nearby Station: Stockport

Station Distance: 350m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Stockport) and Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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The interior was remodelled in the 1920s and retains much of its plan form although the off-sales has been incorporated into the lounge (but hatch still in situ) on the right. The vault (front left), with an apparently 1920s counter, was once two small rooms (vault and bar), amalgamated in 2003 ( 'vault' glazed panel in the front door). The front left room has 1920s seating and dado (now painted cream), and an apparently 1920s bar counter (modern top). The corner door was blocked in the 1920s. There is a very small rear left room with 1920s fixed seating. Note the rare rear door glass wording 'Hall', 1920s staircase panelling and also 'Gents' and 'Ladies' door glass. Note also evidence of ownership by the old Bell’s (Stockport) Brewery in the interior glasswork. Sensitive refurbishment in the 2000s.

19th-century building which lost its external 1920s tiling in the 1990s due to water damage. It was remodelled internally by Bell & Co in the 1920s and retains much of its original plan form and fittings. The off-sales has been incorporated into lounge but does retain the old off sales hatch in situ. The lounge on the front right retains its door with a central glazed panel 'Lounge' and some bell symbols. The bar counter is from the 1920s with a series of scrolls along the top but the bar back fitting is modern. The fixed seating dates from the 1920s, the copper fireplace appears to date from the 1960s which could be the date of the timber-effect panels on the walls.

On the left the vault was two small rooms - vault and bar - knocked into one in 2003. The front left room has a 'Vault' glazed panel in the front door, a dado of fielded panelling from the 1920s now painted cream, a bar counter which looks like the 1920s one with a series of scrolls running along the top but a modern bar counter top, The fixed seating is from the 1920s but the draught screen at the rear of the room looks modern and the room has lost its fireplace. The corner door was blocked up in the 1920s. Note the rare door glass wording of 'Hall' in the rear door, 1920s fielded panelling on the open staircase and also 'Gents' and 'Ladies' in the doors but both toilets are modernised. At the rear left a doorway leads to a very small room with 1920s fixed seating all around and a modern fireplace. It had a sensitive refurbishment in the 2000s.

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