Hop Pole

Cheshire - Crewe

A historic pub interior which was of national or regional importance where the interior has been ruined

Listed Status: Not listed

140 Wistaston Road

Tel: (01270) 50769

Website http://hoppolecrewe.co.uk

Real Ale: Yes

Lunchtime Meals: Yes

Evening Meals: Yes

Nearby Station: Crewe

Station Distance: 1550m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Crewe) and Bus Stop

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UPDATE 2020.

Owners Punch Taverns have replaced all the 1930s fittings with modern ones. This pub has therefore been re- categorised as Interior Ruined.

The former description is shown below. The accompanying photographs show the interior before the work took place.

Rebuilt in the 1930s it still retains a much of its original interior some recent erosion of layout and fittings. It is a good example of an interior with a centrally-placed shuttered bar servery serving a number of rooms. The interior porch has a black and white tiled floor covered by carpet and inner doors with leaded 'Hop Pole' and 'Hotel' panels on them leads to a hall with a new tiled floor. The floor-to-ceiling island servery has a series of service windows and in recent years replacement panelled counter fronts have been painted brown and all the structure above painted cream. The upper fixed glazed panels remain but all the lower rising panels have been removed: the bar top is modern and a small section of modern bar-back has been added.

On the front right the tap room / public bar has a red tiled floor and retains original fixed seating in two sections. Originally the door from the lobby led into an off-sales but the partition was removed in the mid 1990s. It extended as far as the first two windows of the servery and had its own bench seating. The panelling on the servery within the public bar matches the dado panelling on the walls but is different to that on the counter front in the lobby and may be modern wood but being painted it is difficult to be certain. The original glazed brick and wood surround fireplace was replaced by a modern addition in 2012. The public bar door on the right side of the building is still in use and has its own lobby probably with a black and white tiled floor but covered by carpet and through the inner door is a baffle / draught screen.

The front left room is in two distinct parts - the first has low baffles / screens as you enter and fixed seating in bays to the front and rear with bell-push remains in a panel above. Through a gap between the bays a larger area now houses a pool table but up to 2012 there were another two bays of fixed seating here. Also, a 1930s brick, Tudor-style stone and rough-hewn wood surround fireplace has been replaced by a modern one.

The rear left room retains most of its original fixed seating in bays and in two distinctive parts - the first area has two L-shaped pieces of fixed seating with bell pushes and is different to that in the second area with its two bays at the front and one at the rear so there has been changes to the fixed seating in the first area of the room. In the second area a 1930s tiled and wood surround fireplace has been replaced by a modern tiled one. The room on the rear left has seen the wall between it and the hallway removed in modern times and also three holes have been cut in the upper part of the wall between the two left rooms 'for supervision'. Note the leaded screen above one of the rear seating bays - originally these were to be found on top of all the bays - many were removed in 2012 and only a bit remains.

Modernised gents'. Function room upstairs has modern fittings. Active bowling green at the rear. Crewe Modelling and Engineering Society have their HQ in the upstairs room over the garage - the club meets every Wed at 8pm. Opens at 1pm Mon to Thu; 12 Fri to Sun.

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