Coach & Horses (Normans)

Greater London Central - London

A historic pub interior of national importance

Listed Status: II

29 Greek Street
London, Soho

Tel: (020) 7437 5920



Real Ale: Yes

Real Cider: Yes

Nearby Station: London Charing Cross

Station Distance: 700m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (London Charing Cross) and Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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The Coach & Horses was remodelled in the 1930s and is still largely intact from that time. Its interest for this guide lies in the fact that it is divided into three spaces by a pair of screens, which, unfortunately, have lost their double doors. The wall panelling, tapering bar counter, bar-back and (in two areas) spittoon troughs all survive. Two blocks of the troughs have ring-pulls that seem to be unique to this pub. In the right-hand area is a dumb waiter and fireplace.

Much-loved by its regulars this pub (sometimes known as ‘Norman’s’ after a former Landlord) has a most unusual appearance with its rows of detached cast-iron columns on both street façades supporting the upper floors. Rebuilt 1889 it was completely remodelled early in the post-war period (although just possibly the 1930s with some later work to the bar back) and this work survives largely intact.

The pub had three separate bars each with its own entrance and these were divided by two screens with double doors. These screens have now lost the doors and so the character of the interior has changed by being opened up.

It is interesting to note the subtle differences between each former room reflecting the status of the clientele that used each area. Whilst all have the original wall panelling and tapered wooden bar counters, that in the first room to the left of the servery has a solid wooden frontage that goes down to the carpeted floor, and has a wide top. The middle room has a spittoon trough between the wooden frontage and the carpet, and the counter top is narrower than that in the first room. The third room once again has a spittoon trough but the floor here is linoleum and the counter top is narrower than the middle room.

Two blocks of the troughs have ring-pulls that are unique to this pub. A contemporary dumb waiter and fireplace are situated in the right-hand area of the pub.

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