Auld Hoose

Fife - Leslie

A historic pub interior of national importance

Listed Status: C

203 High Street

Tel: (01592) 742773

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UPDATE October 2016: Closed since July 2016 and on the market.
This terraced drinkers’ pub has been in the same family since 1933 and has an unspoilt, simple interior of a type that must have once been common in Scottish pubs. It has a bar at either end and between them, facing the entrance, a small screened-off jug bar and, to the right of this, a rather larger snug. The walls are panelled to full height even though this is not immediately obvious due to the application of modern paintwork. In the right-hand bar, behind a window in the servery, are the mechanics of the electric air compressor that once dispensed the beer (the associated pressure dials were, sadly, removed recently but still languish at the back of the servery. In the corridor to the loos on the left is a mighty advertising mirror proclaiming ‘Auld Hoose Luncheon Bar Fine Old Cameron Bridge Whisky’. At the rear is the ‘Silver Pheasant’ room, created in the 1960s by the present landlady’s grandmother and still intact, displaying the taste of the day (not to mention the eponymous stuffed pheasant). Advertisements in white enamelled letters (commonly used a century ago) survive in several places.

A terraced drinkers' pub of around 1900 that has been in the same family since 1933. It has two bars, each side of an off-sales compartment and a snug. Although not visually exciting, the intactness of this pub is very special. The all-over panelled bar on the far left has a ribbed wood counter, an inter-war fireplace, and 1960s fitted seating. Note the old 'Bar' and 'Tennants' cemented-on lettering on the glass.

The tiny off-sales facing the entrance has surrounding partitions and a small hatch to the servery. The snug to its right is similar in style but twice the size and open to the counter and has a mirror declaring 'Old Scotch Whisky' on a timber upright on the counter. The bar on the far right is very similar to the other one, and like the rest of the pub, has all-over timber panelling on its walls. Note the old mechanism behind the counter part for an electric air compressor used to dispense the beer in former days: the associated pressure dials were sadly dismounted from the walls (but as at November 2012 were stored at the back of the servery). There are only basic shelves making up the back gantry, which are of no great age.

There is a large mirror declaring 'Auld House Luncheon Bar Fine Old Cameron Bridge Whisky' mirror in the passage to the toilets on the left-hand side. This leads to a lounge at the back called the 'Silver Pheasant', after the eponymous pheasant beside the servery: the room was created by the grandmother of the present owner in the 1960s and is a real period piece.

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