Andover Arms

Greater London West - Hammersmith

A historic pub interior of some regional importance

Listed Status: Not listed

57 Aldensley Road
W6 0DL

Tel: (020) 8748 2155



Real Ale: Yes

Lunchtime Meals: Yes

Evening Meals: Yes

Nearby Station: Kensington (Olympia)

Station Distance: 2200m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Kensington (Olympia)) and Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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Built 1853 and sold by Watney's to Fuller's in 1991. There are three entrance doors – the left one has a ‘Lounge Bar’ etched window, the middle one a ‘Saloon Bar’, and a Public Bar’ one on the right. These are all replacements, probably introduced when Fullers bought the pub. The centre door (with the Saloon Bar window) leads to what was the off sales, or Jug & Bottle bar; alterations to the bar counter here (where the modern snob screens are sited) show the location of the erstwhile J&B bar. But the pub now has an open plan L-shaped interior.

The panelled bar counter looks very inter-war in style with pilasters but the pot shelf with barley twist pillars is a later addition, as are the snob screens. The bar back fitting has columns and capitals painted in gold as are the brackets above. The narrow mirrored panels on the bar back look Victorian (the one barley twist looks modern) but the mirror panels along the top less so and there are modern additions; most lower shelving lost to fridges. The bar back extends beyond the bar counter on the left hand return so the counter has been shortened in recent years. Most dado panelling looks modern and painted a gastro-mushroom colour but that on the rear right and the baffles by the ladies’ and gents’ are old. There is a small rear left room through a widish gap that is a modern addition. Open kitchen.

The building has clearly been extended to the right, demonstrated by the different brickwork and lack of external embellishments to that found on the original part of the building. This possibly dates from the 1960s when the building was extended to form toilet accommodation.

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