Hero of Switzerland

Greater London South West - Brixton

A historic pub interior of regional importance

This pub is currently closed (since 01/04/2021)

Listed Status: Not listed

142 Loughborough Road

Tel: None

Nearby Station: Loughborough Junction

Station Distance: 300m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Loughborough Junction)

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Amazing! There are few pubs surviving today from around 1960 that give such a clear impression of how local, community establishments were looked in the relatively early post-war years. Here we have two rooms, the public bar on the left, the lounge on the right either side of a servery. The difference is expressed for example in the plainish timber front to the public bar counter and the plusher, padded panel version on the other side. Other features typical of the time to note are the high-level, horizontal planks covering parts of the public bar area (a very popular idea at the time) and the strips of high-level lighting illuminating each bar. A particular delight is the survival of the mosaic flooring fringing the counter in the lounge with its rounded, very c. 1960 decorative elements.

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