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Greater London East - Woodford Green

A historic pub interior which was of national or regional importance where the interior has been ruined

Listed Status: Not listed

496-498 High Road
Woodford Green, Woodford Wells

Tel: (020) 8504 2435




Real Ale: Yes

Lunchtime Meals: Yes

Evening Meals: Yes

Public Transport: Near Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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UPDATE 2017.

Totally refurbished and extended in 2017 with are few fittings now remaining from the inter-war refit.

The fielded panelling on the walls is modern and inter-war fireplaces have been replaced by reproduction Victorian ones. The bar counter is in the same position but the panelled front is modern and painted a dark blue colour. The plentiful modern panelling on the walls at the rear is also painted dark blue. The snob screens have been retained but now sit totally out of position above the modern bar back. The former description is shown below.

A delightful, small, no-nonsense pub situated in an early 19th-century three-storey building on the main road out of Woodford Green heading for Epping Forest. It is said to have been licensed for beer and port sales in 1832. Outside is a fine, curly bracket for the pub lantern. Inside, three bars have been combined into one forming a U-shape round the servery and the stairs up to the living accommodation. The plain, boarded counter and the bar-back are hard to date and, parts at least, may be earlier than the inter-war remodelling that lends the pub its main character. The latter involves fielded panelling along the side and back walls and brick fireplaces on either side. The revamp may date from a time when a full licence was granted. Note the four stubs in the left-hand part of the bar-back which are the relics from taps said to have served port by gravity from casks overhead. A further feature of interest is the bank of five snob screens on the left-hand side of the bar counter. They cannot be in situ since the counter front below has evidence of former access to the serving area. There is modern etched glass in the front windows. The counter has a panel which could be removed to allow for servicing the beer engines in former times.

Other Heritage Pubs with snob screens are Bartons Arms, Aston, Birmingham; Prince Alfred, London W9; Lamb, London WC1; Posada, Wolverhampton , West Midlands; Gate, London N22; Bunch of Grapes, London SW3; Crown, London N1; and Crown & Greyhound, London SE21 but these have been moved.