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Staffordshire - Stoke-on-Trent

Three star - A pub interior of outstanding national historic importance

This pub is currently closed (since 30/05/2021)

Closed early 2021 by the elderly owner/licensee who continues to live on the premises. The Council's planning enforcement team has been informed but has not yet investigated. Update December 2023 - the former licensee has sadly died but we believe that his widow still lives there.

Listed Status: II

13 Naylor Street
Stoke-on-Trent, Pittshill

Tel: None

Public Transport: Near Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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An archetypal small, unspoilt back-street Victorian local with three little rooms. In northern towns and cities, hundreds if not thousands of such working-class pubs once existed but only a handful are still with us. A passageway runs from the front door with, on its left, a partly-glazed partition and two small rooms - a lounge at the front and a games room at the back, both with original fixed seating and 1950s tiled fireplaces. Opposite the games room is a hatch with a sliding window. The public bar on the right has an etched window inscribed 'Vaults' and original bar-back shelves, counter and fixed seating. The bar top and tiled fireplace are, however, later arrivals. Only open from 7.30pm onwards and Sunday lunchtimes.

Archetypical small unspoilt back-street Victorian local hidden away amongst terraced housing. In the same family since 1939 it has three small rooms and is barely altered. In northern industrial towns and cities there were hundreds of pubs like this at one time but there now are only a handful still remaining. A passageway runs from the front door to the living quarters at the rear. On the left side is a partly glazed partition wall and two small rooms – opposite the rear room is the off-sales hatch with an intact rising sash window and a Formica top from the 1960s. On the front left is the small lounge with an old baffle by the door, original fixed seating all around the room, a classic 1950/60s tiled fireplace with a gas fire in front, lots of Britannia tables and an etched window with the word 'Room', the ‘Smoke’ having been lost. At the rear left is the games room with a modern tiled floor, original fixed seating with leatherette covering from the 1960s, and another classic 1950/60s tiled fireplace with a Canon Gas Miser fire. The door has a button on which the number has been painted over.

The tiny narrow public bar on the right has one 'Vaults' etched window (another is lost), original bar back shelves and lower cabinet, bar counter and fixed seating but the Formica bar top and tiled and wood surround fireplace come from the 1960s and tiled floor is new. You will usually find a band of faithful regulars sitting and chatting. The old gas mantle by the servery was last used about 30 years ago. Historically, pubs were exclusively for men drinking together and there was therefore no need for a ladies toilet. However, as ladies started to use pubs provision had to be made for them. The outside gents' are still in use (they have been upgraded) and the ladies' here is a conversion of the former back kitchen, which took place in post-war times. Opens at 7.30 ('But might be later if something good on the TV' says Sid 'when it might be later'.) Closes at 10pm Thursday evening – Sid’s early night to bed! Closed Mon to Sat lunchtimes; Sunday 12.30 to 3.30.

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