Dog & Partridge

South Yorkshire - Sheffield: Central

A historic pub interior of some regional importance

Listed Status: Not listed

56 Trippet Lane
Sheffield: Central, City Centre
S1 4EL

Tel: (0114) 270 6156




Real Ale: Yes

Lunchtime Meals: Yes

Evening Meals: Yes

Nearby Station: Sheffield

Station Distance: 900m

Public Transport: Near Railway Station (Sheffield) and Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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Although the interior of this old licensed house (dating back to 1796) is much opened-up and modernised, the snug at rear left has been miraculously spared from excessive change. Cosy and genuinely historic, this little room retains its old fixed seating, fireplace, bell-pushes and original door, and is the reason why the much-altered pub features in our listings.

Three-storey pub of stone with good frontage of ‘Dog & Partridge’ and below it ‘Gilmours Windsor Ales & Stouts’ raised lettering, dating back to 1796. In June 2014, the badly damaged yellow and brown tiles were painted over in red. The pub is now painted black. Although the interior of four rooms has been opened-out the layout is still visible, there is some inter-war tiling on the right hand side of the corridor into the pub and one nearly intact room.

A 1938 plan indicates that three rooms on the right side of the pub ('Dram Shop,' 'Service,' 'Smoke Room' and 'Kitchen') were opened out into a single 'Public Bar,' a larger 'Service Area' and an external off-sales into Bailey Street (Architect: Fenton & Robinson for Duncan Gilmour). 1974 plans proposed that the internal snug become a male toilet while the off-sales was to be removed and the servery re-configured (Architect: D.K.Davy for Joshua Tetley). It seems that these alterations did not materialise as 1977 plans indicate the sung in place and a further slight reconfiguration of the servery (Architect: Shepherd, Fowler & Robinson for Joshua Tetley). A year later, further alterations saw the servery move away from the outside wall to its current position. Further alterations in 1989 saw the pub extend into a neighbouring shop, creating the sung to the left of the entrance (Architects: L.B.Percival for Joshua Tetley).

Head for the snug at the rear left, which is very small and has its original door. Around the room the old fixed seating remains with a wide panel above still having the bell pushes from the days of table service. There is a hatch to the back of the servery which is a relatively modern addition and when cut out a small section of the fixed seating was removed and plain baffles added both sides. The fireplace is also very old but has a modern hearth and there are tiles that have been painted so are difficult to date.

The front left room has been opened-out to the corridor and has modern fixed seating and fireplace. Front right room has a blocked-up front door but no old fittings. The modern servery is centrally situated. The rear room has a wide doorway, fixed seating from the 60/70s, fireplace with tiled interior also looks modern, there is a (modern) small hatch / counter to the side of the servery and there is a good Gilmour’s mirror.

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