Norfolk - Great Yarmouth

A historic pub interior of regional importance

Listed Status: Not listed

43 Beatty Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4BW

Tel: (01493) 843220

Email: theavenuepubgreatyarmouth@gmail.com

Website http://theavenuegreatyarmouth.co.uk

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/avenuepubgtyar

Real Ale: Yes

Lunchtime Meals: Yes

Evening Meals: Yes

Public Transport: Near Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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Built by Lacons in 1929, this Mock Tudor pub has much of period interest. The public bar has absorbed the off-sales but retains many original fittings including half-timbering on the walls, good plasterwork decoration in the frieze area and a fine bar back (minus the lower shelves). The counter is also original though the leatherette panels on the front are from the 1960s/70s, as is the top - it has also been re-positioned further back. To the left, what is now a pool room also has half-timbering but has lost its fireplace. The lounge on the right was altered in the 1970s either by knocking two rooms together or extending the original and most of the fittings are from this time (though more half-timbering survives). The colourful stained and leaded exterior windows throughout are a delight and two feature the Lacons falcon.

A brick and Mock Tudor pub built 1929 by Lacons. Note the decorative plasterwork above the ground floor windows. The present public bar retains much of its interior fittings but has absorbed the off-sales - note the original door on the exterior. The public bar has some half timbering on the walls and good plasterwork decoration in the frieze area. The bar back fitting is the original with fridges replacing most of the lower shelving. The bar counter is the original with leatherette padded panels added to the front in the 1960/1970s, and a new top from the same time; also it has been re-positioned further back as the area for staff was much bigger originally.

On the far left is what is now a pool room with some more of the half timbering on the wall but has lost its fireplace. The door to the toilets is original but the gents and ladies have been modernised. Note the 'Tattersalls Lounge' sign above the servery with both Whitbread and Lacons symbols. On the right the lounge appears to have been two rooms (or room extended to the right?) changed in the 1970s and most of the fittings appear to be from this date with just the half timbering on the wall being original. There are colourful stained and leaded exterior windows featuring the Lacons falcon in two windows in both the right hand lounge and left hand pool room.

A renovation in 2016 has seen the lounge fixed seating re-upholstered and the coloured pargetting painted plain white.

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