Bell Inn

Derbyshire - Cromford

A historic pub interior of regional importance

Listed Status: II

47 The Hill

Tel: (01629) 822102

Real Ale: Yes

Nearby Station: Cromford

Station Distance: 1100m

Public Transport: Near Bus Stop

Bus: Yes

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Around 1800 this pub was added on to a terrace of houses built in 1776-7. These, however, aren't any ordinary old houses - they were the first to be erected by Richard Arkwright to accommodate textile workers at his pioneering Cromford Mill and also have workshop space running the whole length of the top floor The Bell itself has not changed much in 50 years. The tiny snug, accessed from Cromford Hill, has a quarry-tiled floor, old fixed seating and service from a hatch - there was an off-sales hatch in this area until 2009. The old benches in the public bar still display their maker's labels (T. Greaves & Co) but the bar counter in here is modern. The lounge on the left has its own entrance and was created from a private sitting room in the 1950s; many of the fittings (counter, fixed seating, fireplace) date from that time.

A three storey brick built pub of c.1800 at the end of the terrace of houses built 1776-7 by Richard Arkwright to accommodate textile workers. These were the first of the workers' houses erected by Arkwright and mark an important stage in the development of the textile industry and workers' housing in that they provided both accommodation on the ground and first floors for the workers at his new Cromford Mill and workshop space on the second floor which ran from one end of the street to the other. The Bell retains three rooms and is little altered in 50 years. The tiny snug accessed from Cromford Hill has a quarry tiled floor, old fixed seating with a more modern backing and is served from a hatch. Up to 2009 there was also an off sales hatch in this area. The public bar retains old fitted benches still with the makers labels ‘T. Greaves & Co., House Furnishers & Upholsterers, Alfreton’ but the bar counter is modern. On the left with its own entrance from North Street is the lounge, which was created out of a private sitting room in the late 1950s. It still retains a distinct 1950s bar counter front and Formica top, fixed seating from the 1950s, an old stone fireplace and piano, but the bar back-fitting is modern.

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