Is a pub listed

Do you know which of your local pubs are listed buildings?

How to find out if a pub is listed

If you want to check if a pub is a listed building and inspect the listed description e.g. to see if there is any mention of the interior features, you can use various online search facilities and we explain how to do this below.


Historic England's website 'National Heritage List for England (NHLE)' and this is the place to search to find out if a pub or other building is statutory listed. You may find the follow tips useful: -

Use National Heritage List For England and enter one of the 'County', 'District etc.' or 'Parish' boxes and 'Place/Site name' with a pub name (or street) and click on 'Search' (do not use your 'Return' key). If you know the 'List Entry Number' enter the number in the relevant box.

If the property is statutory listed it should appear. However, where pub names in the records are slightly different (e.g. Kings Head / King's Head) or the pub has changed name since it was listed the record may not be found. If so, go back and click on location to either re-enter the pub name/previous name or, alternatively, if known, place the street name in the 'Place/Site Name' box. It is possible to just enter the 'Location' and search but expect many properties appearing in the search results! If you still cannot trace a record you could try double-checking on the relevant local authority website of listed buildings.

A more effective way of finding a record is using the 'Reference Number' option (under 'Other') but this only works if you know the old LBS number or the new 'List Entry Number'. If so, click on 'Reference Number' option and enter the number in the relevant box. CAMRA members can find the LBS number of pubs included in the National or Regional Inventories of Historic Pub Interiors by using 'CAMRA Members Login' on the Heritage Pubs website. Your 'Username' is your membership number without the zeros; and 'Password' is your postcode without spaces (unless you have changed it on the main CAMRA website). Then once logged in you will find 'Pubs Listed Status' under 'Reports' in the 'Members' section.

There is also a Map Search option and to find out how to use it (and also to get more tips on searching) take a look at this page.


Use the Historic Scotland Historic Building Search website. Enter the pub name in the 'Using all of the words' box and find a suitable 'Council' name or town/village in the 'Parish' drop down menu.


Cadw have not added listing records to their website yet so you have to write to Cadw, Welsh Assembly Government, Plas Carew, Unit 5/7 Cefn Coed, Parc Nantgarw, Cardiff, CF15 7QQ or email Cadw for the information.

Northern Ireland

Use the Northern Ireland Environment Agency Buildings Database Search but it is not that 'user-friendly'. CAMRA members can find the HB number on the 'Pubs Listed Status' in the Members section of the Heritage Pub website and use that option, which does work.

How to find out who owns a pub

If you do not know the owner of a pub in England & Wales* (because the pub is closed, or a licensee does not know or doesn't want to tell you) then since The Land Registry Act 2002 took effect from 13th October 2003, anyone can search the Property Register for a fee of £4. Requesting a 'title register' gives information such as who owns the property; may indicate if there is a mortgage on the property; any rights of way or restrictions on the land noted on the register; also if sold since April 2000 the price paid/value stated information. You can obtain a 'title plan' for a further £4.

Please note the Land Registry holds records for all properties where there has been a sale/purchase in the past 30 or so years i.e. since it was set up. Ownership of properties with no change of ownership in the past 30 + years can only be established from the title deeds.

How to Obtain A Copy of the Title Register Online

  • Go to the Land Registry Online.
  • Click on 'Detailed Enquiry' if you have the full address and click on 'search'.
  • If a Registered Number to match the address is found it will advise you that a copy of the 'Title Register' is available as a PDF file for a fee of £4.00 - press 'Purchase'
  • A "Terms and Conditions of Access" will appear  press Accept
  • Pay £4.00 by credit card.

It is also possible to carry out a search by Post (you will need a Form 'OC1', which can be downloaded from or by Personal Visit to the local Land Registry Office.

* Here is information on searching the land and property registers in Scotland.