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Pub Heritage Group

The main objectives of CAMRA's Pub Heritage Group are:

  • to raise awareness and appreciation of pub interiors of historic and architectural importance
  • to support and, if necessary, lead on campaigns to ward off threats of closure or unwanted alterations to pubs with historic interiors
  • to seek additional protection for pubs with historic interiors through the planning system
  • to scour the country to identify other possible candidates.

To achieve these objectives we:

  • compile and maintain the national inventory of historic pub interiors and Regional Inventories of Historic Pub Interiors
  • maintain this website
  • use CAMRA publications such as the Good Beer Guide and What's Brewing to get our messages across
  • identify historic pub interiors which are at risk and agree actions to try and protect them
  • aim to get as many of historic pub interiors as possible Listed
  • visit and report on candidates for inclusion on Inventories.

We have a stand at the Great British Beer Festival which always generates a lot of interest. The display stand is available for use at other beer festivals.

To find out more about the Group, please email

Old Dolphin, Derby
Old Dolphin, Derby
Crown, Belfast
Crown, Belfast